About Us

old-officeThe Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA) has the distinction of being one of the oldest animal protection groups in Canada.

Since 1944, APFA (also known as Fur-Bearer Defenders) has been working to end the commercial fur trade.

We also provide practical hands-on assistance to municipalities across Canada seeking to minimize human-wildlife conflicts, particularly related to beavers and coyotes.

A dedicated volunteer Board of Directors manages our society and our work is entirely supported by donations.

Our top goals are to:

  • Abolish the commercial fashion fur trade.
  • Create opportunities to co-exist with urban wildlife (e.g. beavers and coyotes).
  • Lobby for a ban on the import and sale of dog and cat fur in Canada.

Due to our advocacy work to change legislation, we cannot issue tax receipts. We operate as a non-profit organization (registration number S-4222).

Our major accomplishments:

  • European Parliament. In the 1990's, we urged the EU to ban the import of fur coming from countries using leg-hold traps. (Sadly, Canada, USA and Russia would later become exempt from this ban.)
  • Municipal bylaws & legislation. As a result of our campaigns, several communities have prohibited or restricted the use of lethal traps. They have switched to humane alternatives.
  • Advertising & education. To raise awareness, we use TV, radio, billboards, newspaper, transit and online ads. Each year, we also distribute hundreds of thousands of brochures and newsletters all over the world.
  • First group to expose trapping cruelty. Our group was the first to release never before seen film footage of animals suffering on a Canadian trap line.
  • Celebrity support. Our roster includes Kim Basinger, Bif Naked, Loretta Swit, Jason Priestley, Kim Cattrall and Georges Laraque.

Note: Our organization works within the law to educate the public about fur and fur trim. We do not destroy property or participate in illegal activities.

Fur trim is a trap

Photo: Over 500 of our "What do you see in fur trim?" anti-fur ads were featured throughout the 2012/2013 winter months in Toronto's subways.