Dog and Cat Fur Trade

Most people are unaware, but in addition to wild animals, domestic dogs and cats are killed for the fur trade. The majority of these animals (sometimes former pets) are killed in China, Taiwan and the Philippines. Dog and cat skins are manfactured into fur products that are traded and sold all over the globe.

The main goals of our cat and dog fur campaign are to:

  • ban the import and sale of all cat and dog fur in Canada

  • ensure all fur products have a label indicating species of origin

Campaign Update:

Member of Parliament, Libby Davies (NDP, Vancouver-East), has introduced Bill C-296. If passed, this bill would ban the import and sale of dog and cat fur. It would also make the labelling of fur products mandatory.

CLICK HERE and download/print a petition so you can collect signatures to support this bill.

(Quick note: Unlike online petitions, our petition has been pre-screened by the Government's Procedural Clerk and Clerk of Petitions. Completed petitions are currently being accepted and presented in the House of Commons.)

Facts about dog and cat fur:

Each year, approximately 2 million dogs and cats are slaughtered for their meat and fur. Investigations have revealed that these animals are killed throughout Asia and their skins are used to make trim on a variety of products that are shipped all over the world, including to Canada.

To make matters more confusing for consumers, The Canadian Textile and Labelling Act does not require the labelling of animal pelts or hides.

While the European Union and the United States have banned this cruelty, it remains legal to import and sell dog and cat fur in Canada.

Learn More:

Cat and dog fur labelling information and legislation around the world (PDF)

Responses from the Canadian Government and the Fur Industry (PDF)

WATCH THE VIDEO: "Silent Screams" - an expose of the dog/cat fur trade
(WARNING: Contains graphic scenes, not suitable for children)

How Canada gets dog and cat fur - investigation by Toronto Star, June 30 2012

Photo (below): Our bus ads calling for a ban on dog and cat fur in Canada.

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