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    Trapping and Wildlife

    Aren't traps illegal in Canada?

    Hundreds of thousands of fur-bearing animals are killed or maimed by traps each year in Canada. But many Canadians are unaware that these traps are even used or what kind of suffering they cause.



    Is fur a ‘green’ option?

    Many of the terms commonly employed by the fur industry are neither well defined nor regulated under the law. Canada’s Competition Act does not specifically restrict the use of terms like “environmentally friendly”.


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    Farmed mink and fox spend their short, miserable lives trapped in tiny wire cages stacked together in long sheds, where they eat, sleep, urinate and defecate.



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    It is legal to buy and sell dog and cat fur in Canada!

    Did you know millions of dogs and cats are slaughtered every year and their fur can be sold right here in Canada? Learn more about the dog and cat fur trade.


Episode 138: The wolf effect

07/06/2014 - 10:43

Perhaps the most mystic – and most feared – wildlife in Canada, wolves are making a comeback. Throughout the western United States, wolf populations are beginning to re-emerge after a courageous plan to reintroduce them to Yellowstone National Park in the 1990s. But along with their reintroduction has come ongoing fear, paranoia from ranchers and the happy trigger fingers of hunters and trappers.

Add that to the ongoing persecution of wolves in Canada and the species is by no means free of their one-time endangered status.

But this has also created an unique and historic opportunity to study wolves and how they affect ecosystems. Two recent studies have identified and are extrapolating what is becoming known as The Wolf Effect.

We’ll hear from two leading scientists who have examined this phenomenon; first is Dr. Thomas Newsome, who has worked with a team that is exploring how wolf populations affect the populations of foxes and coyotes. Then we’ll be joined by Dr. Mark Elbroch, who is part of one of the longest-standing cougar studies in North America and has fascinating details on how wolves are impacting cougar populations and territory selection.

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